Being charged with any criminal offence can have serious consequences.  It can affect your reputation, livelihood and liberty.  You should contact O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers as soon as possible for legal advice if you suspect that you might be in trouble with the police or wanted for questioning by police. Knowing your legal rights as soon as possible is crucial in obtaining the best possible outcome for your situation.   

O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can give you early, expert advice about your rights and options in relation to all offences, as well as liaise with the police to ensure you receive a fair outcome even before you have been charged with a criminal offence. If you have already been charged with an offence, we can assist you to negotiate with the police, represent you at court and provide realistic, trustworthy advice to ensure your rights are protected and upheld.

O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can also assist you with matters prosecuted by organisations other than the police, including Local Councils, Building Authorities or the RSPCA. These matters can be just as serious as criminal charges brought by the police and you should protect yourself by obtaining our legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers know the court system and will act in your best interests by providing strong, fearless advocacy and representation.


Traffic Matters

Most people require their licence for everyday tasks and the impacts of losing your licence can be significant and more than just an inconvenience.  Losing your licence can affect your ability to keep your job and meet family commitments. O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can give you advice about your options and assist you with the process of dealing with all traffic law matters including work licence applications. We will provide you with details about our fees at your initial consultation so that you have peace of mind to help take the stress out of your legal matter.


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