We practice in all areas of family law and can ensure that you are listened to and supported throughout what can feel like an overwhelming and emotional process. We offer a initial consultation so that you will have peace of mind about what the process will be going forward and the expected costs associated with each of your options.


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Parenting matters

The breakdown of a relationship is difficult on every family member involved, particularly children. Even if you are able to come to an agreement about the care of your children, you should still seek legal advice. There are a number of options available to couples who come to their own agreement and each option has certain advantages and disadvantages. O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can assist you to choose the right option for you and your family, with a particular focus on limiting the stress and anxiety normally associated with these matters.  We are committed to providing you with accurate, reliable information about your options, rights and responsibilities.


If you cannot reach an agreement, we can help you navigate this complex and difficult area for family lawyers in a way that is cost effective for you and assist you to choose an option that is right for you and your family.  We are passionate about assisting your family through what can be a very difficult time, and ensuring you receive the best possible outcome.


Property and financial settlements

Determining how to divide a property pool following the breakdown of a relationship is a complex area of law. You should obtain legal advice before making any decisions to ensure that your interests are protected. O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can explain all of the legal principles and procedures to ensure you fully understand your rights and entitlements and obtain the best possible result.



Ending a marriage can be a difficult and emotional time. O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can help manage some of the stress and emotional toll of the process by providing efficient, reliable advice as well as strong and robust representation to make the process as stress-free as possible.


Defacto relationships

If you are in a defacto relationship or if the relationship has broken down, the law provides you with certain legal rights. Even if you are in a happy, committed relationship you may wish to consider a binding financial agreement to ensure that if something does go wrong you will have the security of knowing that suitable arrangements are in place. Our team of family lawyers can help provide you certainty at these changing times.


Child Protection

Child Protection matters are complex and highly emotive.  O’Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers can provide early advice and strong legal representation regarding all matters involving the Department of Child Safety, which ensures the best possible outcomes, with a particular focus on the timely resolution of matters.  We have an intimate knowledge of the child protection system and are able to provide you with trustworthy, reliable advice in relation to your rights and responsibilities.


Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a prominent issue in our community, O'Connor Patterson Smith Lawyers have intricate knowledge of the laws and processes involved in domestic violence applications. If you need assitance in obtaining or defending an order, make sure you seek our legal advice.


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