Founding Director

Nathan specialises in criminal law.  He began his legal career as a clerk at a criminal firm, where he developed a passion for defending people caught up in the justice system.


Nathan has had the privilege of working as associate to His Honour Judge Durward SC (District Court Judge). He has worked as a criminal defence lawyer for over five years at a community legal service dedicated to representing the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, where he became aware of the difficulties and complexities facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the criminal justice system. 


Nathan has experience in all criminal matters ranging from traffic offences to serious offences such as Murder. He is an experienced advocate, having appeared in the Magistrate's, Children’s, District and Supreme Courts in relation to bail applications, trials and sentences.


Nathan is well respected in the legal community, he is known for his strong presence in court and his fierce advocacy for his client's rights. Nathan has a strong interest in social justice and campaigns for amendments to legislation that threaten to erode our civil liberties. 


Being a local North Queenslander and having worked in courts all over North Queensland, Nathan has developed strong networks with local stakeholders and organisations he uses to further his client's interests. 

Qualifications/ Affiliations

• Bachelor of Laws - James Cook University
• Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice - Australian National University
• Qld Bar Association Course – Queensland Bar Association
• Legal Practitioner Supreme Court of Queensland
• North Queensland Law Association - Member
• Queensland Law Society - Member
• Townsville Community Legal Service - Member
• Townsville District Rugby Union Judiciary - Volunteer Panel Member


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